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Throughout Florida, large colonies of subterranean termites blindly forge beneath the ground, in search for food. These colonies are practically everywhere and likely near or beneath your home. The goal of termite prevention is to reduce your risk of infestation and unnecessary damage. Many homes suffer from the effects of termites and in most cases the infestations could have been prevented. What most homeowner’s don’t realize is that termites do not differentiate between new homes or older ones. This means that a new home is just as likely to fall victim to termites as an older home built even decades prior.

If you are a Florida home owner and are living in a new home, don’t make the mistake of thinking your home will not get subterranean termites. Likewise, if you live in a CBS block constructed home, you should equally be concerned as those who live in a wood framed home. Concrete block homes have significant amounts of structural wood, including the entire roof and truss system. Also, internal door frames, window frames, base boards and so forth all consist of wood which can be seriously damaged by termites. Termite damage often results in costly repairs, including wood replacement. Be aware that homeowners warranty insurance does not provide coverage for termites or associated damage. If you have an existing home and are not under warranty with a treatment company contact advantage now for a free evaluation and quote. Termite prevention is key.

“When it comes to termites, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”

Termite Control

Florida is the termite capital of the country. Our beautiful tropical weather is a perfect climate and habitat which supports various termite species. Some species of termites are airborne and some blindly forage in the soil beneath and around your home.

Advantage will be glad to inspect and evaluate your home, providing you with a complete inspection summary that suggests an appropriate treatment or preventitive program. Let us provide you with a competitive quote with no obligation.

Advantage has been a leader in Florida for both termite treatment and prevention for over 20 years. Our customer base consists of many loyal customers who have been a part of the Advantage family for nearly two decades.

Our Treatment Methods included:

  • No tent termite control
  • Bait and monitoring
  • Liquid barrier treatments
  • Preventative termite control methods

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For more information on termites
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Professional Termite Treatment

All across America, termites sit and wait for an opening. Those tiny little insects wreak havoc on your home, eating through wood floors and other softer surfaces. Many people do not realize that they have a problem until they see holes in their walls or other areas of their home. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can battle back against those insects and take back your home.
The first question that property owners ask is about how much termite treatment costs. The price that you pay depends on several factors.

Size of Your Home
One of the biggest factors that relate to your cost is the size of your home. It naturally costs more to treat a larger home than it does a smaller home. Exterminators need to use more chemicals, and they spend more time applying those chemicals and treatments to your home. The cost may relate to the layout of your home. If the exterminators need to wiggle through openings and get inside the walls, the cost of your termite treatment will rise.

Extent of the Damage
Another factor that applies to the cost of removing termites from your home is the extent of the damage. Termites feed on soft surfaces and those insects can eat through floorboards, walls and even the joists underneath your house. Those joists support the weight of the building and keep the home from moving or shifting. Exterminators will also examine your home for signs of infestation and determine the extent of the infestation. If the insects formed colonies in multiple areas of your home, you’d pay for more for termite treatment than someone dealing with a smaller infestation.

Simple Calculator
The easiest way to determine how much you’ll pay for termite treatment is with a simple calculator. Determine the total linear footage of your home. While some exterminators rely on the square footage size of a home, most experts look at the linear size of the property. Multiply that figure by $4 per linear foot to determine the minimum cost of the job, and multiply that figure by $16 to determine the maximum cost of the job.

Termites can enter your house in a number of different ways. Once those insects lay eggs and form colonies, you will need a reliable and professional termite control service. Dependable exterminators can completely eliminate the problem and kill both the adults and eggs to reduce the risk of future infestation.

Do not wait until it’s too late to get proper termite treatment.

Termite Warranty Service Contract Renewal

As a result of building codes, nearly every structure built in Florida the last 40 years has received a preventive treatment for subterranean termites at the time of construction. If your family is living in a home that has been constructed in the last 5 years, you owe it to yourself as a property owner to begin or continue to renew your warranty.

An Advantage Warranty provides you with piece of mind.

  • $1,000,000 subterranean termite warranty *
  • Transferable if you sell your home
  • Advantage is responsible for damage repair and any required re-treatment if termites come back
  • Free annual termite inspection is included with all termite warranty renewals
  • As an Advantage termite customer you are entitled to discounts on other products and services we offer

*depending on your structure and terms of the agreement and agreed upon exclusions some warranties may not include damage repair.

Pre-Construction Treatment

Advantage has been providing preventative termite treatments for residential and commercial builders throughout South and Central Florida for over 20 years. We offer liquid soil treatments, baiting systems and bora-care treatments. In addition, we can offer dry wood termite prevention as an enhancement to the standard termite protection builders provide for their customers.

No company understands the needs of the construction industry as it relates to termite treatments better than Advantage. Communication, scheduling, dispatching, service and response to paperwork requirements, are KEY! Whether you are building an addition, custom home, complete housing project or shopping center, Advantage should be your “FIRST CHOICE” for service.

  • Proven history and reliability
  • A well known reputation throughout the industry
  • $1,000,000 subterranean termite damage warranty
  • Immediate service available including weekends and holidays

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