Pest Control & Rodent Extermination

Rid yourself of Pests Today! Do you have a pest problem at your home or office? Have you tried mouse traps, rat traps, rat poison, or maybe an office cat? It may be time to try a pest control company with a rodent exterminatior! We can help! Contact us today for a free inspection.

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Termite Exterminator

Have termites taken over you home? You may be dealing with subterranean termites, drywood termites, formosan termites or even swarms of flying termites. Whatever your case may be, allow us to help you regain control! Save your property today!

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Whitefly Control & Removal

Whiteflies are creating havoc on ficus trees and hedges throughout South Florida, Miami and the Florida Keys. These pests have caused significant and costly damage.

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Lawn Care & Protection

When it comes to the health and appearance of your home, a green lush landscape is essential. A healthy flourishing landscape stands out in your community, adds value and appeal to your home and leaves a lasting impression.

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Pest Control Pompano Beach & All of South Florida

Advantage Pest is a family owned and operated pest control services company providing services for South Florida residents and business owners for over twenty years. Our team is committed to efficient solutions, friendly service and 100% customer satisfaction. We have always listened to our customer’s suggestions and concerns, which has allowed us to create services that truly meet the needs of our customers in South Florida.

Pests are very common in all areas of South Florida. The unique weather conditions and abundant flora make South Florida an ideal place for insects and rodents to flourish. Each part of the state has its own distinct type of pest problems residents have to face. Our South Florida pest and lawn control company has a solution no matter where in South Florida you live.

SOUTH FLORIDA Pest Control services for:

Ants | Bed Bugs | Bees | Flees | Lawn Care | Mice | Mosquitos | Palmetto Bugs | Rats | Roaches | Spiders | Termites | Ticks | Whitefly

From time to time, especially in South Florida, pest problems arise that may require you to seek help from a professional. At Advantage Pest Related Services South Florida we prevent unwanted pests and make your lawn and landscape: greener, healthier, and more beautiful! We take great pride in the service we provide our customers. If you have a problem with ants, bees, roaches, rodents, wasps or any other pests, Advantage Pest Related Services has a solution.


At Advantage, we know what you need. Good reliable service, expertise and a friendly company for all your pest needs. Regardless of what your budget may be call Advantage Pest Related Services and let one of our qualified representatives find an affordable and efficient solution for your pest control problems. The Advantage Pest Related Services experts will take care of whatever is bugging you. We arrive promptly and work quickly to make sure that all pests will be gone forever.

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